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Math 3 Teaching Textbook Sample Lessons

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There are two buying options for first-time purchasers of the Math 7. You can buy the workbook and all the CDs for $149.90 (free s&h) OR you can buy just the CDs for $129.95 (free s&h). See more about each option below.
Option 1: The Complete Set (Consumable Workbook, Non-Consumable Answer Booklet, and 4 CD-ROMs): $149.90 (Free shipping to the U.S. and Canada). (free s&h). Almost all of our customers choose this option over the CDs-only option below. The main advantage of owning the consumable workbook (in addition to the CDs) is that it prevents students from having to copy down each problem on a separate sheet, which saves them time and helps them to avoid errors. Having a workbook also allows students to continue doing assignments even if their computer malfunctions or they need to work away from home. Another advantage is that the workbook contains written summaries of each lecture, so students can just skim over the summary instead of re-watching the lecture if they forget a key point. Finally, the workbook allows you, the parent, to view the entire course’s content at a glance. Many parents value the ability to see all the problems in a lesson printed on a page, so they can pick select problems for the student to work on.
(Works on PC & MAC)
Option 2: CD-ROMs only: $129.95 (Free shipping to the U.S. and Canada). Although there are several advantages to owning the consumable workbook (see above paragraph), the CDs can be used stand-alone, but keep in mind that with this option, students will need to work out each problem on a scratch sheet, since they won’t have the consumable workbook to write in. Also, you should remind them to show all their work and write neatly so you can see where they went wrong on problems they miss.
(Works on PC & MAC)
  I just want to buy the workbook and answer booklet.  
The Math 7 Teaching Textbook™ is the most technologically-advanced (and popular) Teaching Textbook™ ever created. It features automated grading, step-by-step audiovisual solutions, and lectures that contain lively animation and sound effects. Math 7 covers all of basic arithmetic, including fractions, decimals, and percents. The program also teaches a fair amount of geometry (e.g. how to find the area of a circle). Other topics include statistics and probability, simple graphing concepts, equations, and inequalities. There are even several chapters dedicated to math in the real world.
  Math 7: Workbook and Answer Key
Student Workbook:
588 pages
Answer Key: 44 pages
Number of Lessons: 115
Number of Quizzes: 18     

Math 7: CD-ROM Set
Number of CDs: 4
Total Instruction Time: Over 100 hours   

  John Holzmann, Co-owner of Sonlight  
  "Teaching Textbooks are simply without peer."  
  Cathy Duffy  
  Timberdoodle Catalog  
  "An incredible program."  
  Monica S. (Little Elm, TX)  
  "My son loves this program and was doing math at 9:30 pm last night; therefore, his mom loves this book."  
  Shannon G. (Cartersville, GA)  
  "My son is enjoying math this year, which is a first for him! He actually does math first and never has to be reminded to get it done. Thank you for an excellent product. I wish you had been around when I was in school!"  
  Millette C. (Chester, VA)  
  "This is the first math program my son actually likes. It is very exciting as a parent who was struggling to teach math to have found something that is so great. I am telling everyone."
  Elizabeth L. (Jacksonville, FL)
  "My son and I both absolutely love the Math 7. It is exactly the curriculum I was looking for."