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Settings Menu and Compatability Update
  Below are the links for the update mentioned in the home page announcement. This is a CRUCIAL update for all MAC OSX 10.11 (EL CAPITAN) users and offers improved performance with Windows 10. However, the update will only work if your product has a serial number that starts with a "2" in the 2nd set of digits (for example, MATH5-2XXXX). All products that have 2.0 in the title and most Math 7 through Math 3 products meet this criteria.
  In addition to addressing compatibility issues, the update replaces the "Buddy Sounds" button with a new "Settings" button that allows your child to turn off the buddies and the hint sparkle sound entirely. It also moves the gradebook transfer program from the start menu to the parent home page.  
Math 3 - Windows | Mac Pre-Algebra - Windows | Mac
Math 4 - Windows | Mac Algebra 1 - Windows | Mac
Math 5 - Windows | Mac Algebra 2 - Windows | Mac
Math 6 - Windows | Mac Geometry - Windows | Mac
Math 7 - Windows | Mac  
  If you aren't sure how to install the update, click here for step-by-step instructions.