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  March 8, 2018  
  TT has just released updated versions of each of its products. We’re calling it the 3.0 and each 3.0 product is being offered as an online subscription. This means no more discs or physical textbooks, but you can still purchase our old physical 2.0 sets (books and CDs) if you wish (see our ordering page). The academic content in the 3.0 and 2.0 versions is the same; however, the 3.0 features an eBook (as a replacement for the physical textbooks), the ability to store grades permanently (no more lost data), the ability to turn off hints and second chances, and new buddies. Visit any of our product pages (via the buttons on the left-hand menu) or call us toll-free at 1-866-867-6284 for more info.  
  January 1, 2018  
  We will probably always have this news page, but it really isn't the best way to keep tabs on us. The best way, of course, is through social media. So be sure to follow us on any of the platforms listed above. You'll receive up-to-the-minute info. on new features, new products, new giveaways, and more.