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How To Install the Settings Menu Update
  Before You Begin  
  First, you must have already installed the program using the CD. This update is NOT a replacement for the CDs, nor is it capable of running on its own. It can be safely installed over your existing program and will not delete or modify your gradebook(s) in any way.

Next, go to this page and download the update file that matches the name of the product(s) you're trying to update and the operating system you use. The file name extension will be .exe for Windows or a .dmg for Mac OS.
  Instructions for Windows  
  Step 1: Run the Installer  
  Simply double-click the icon for the installer wherever you happened to save it.  
  Step 2: Proceed Through the Installer  
  You'll need to hit "Next" on the first screen that appears. Then you'll have to accept the Terms & Conditions. Once you've done that, the update will install automatically (this should only take a few seconds).  

  Step 3: Close the Installer  
  You're done! If you want your child to begin a lesson right away, just click "Finish" and the program will immediately open. Otherwise, uncheck the box by "Run ... Teaching Textbook" before you click "Finish". You may delete the update installation file if you want to.  
  Instructions for Mac OS  
  Step 1: Insert Disc 1  
  Make sure that you have Disc 1 of your Math software in your CD/DVD drive before beginning the update.  
  Step 2: Download the installer  
  From the Software Updates page, download the file for whichever Math program you wish to update.  
  Step 3: Run the Settings Update Patch  
  From your Downloads folder find and double click on "MathxMacPatch.zip"  
  Step 4: Locate the Patch Application Icon and double-click.  
  Note: You may see the following security popup  

To proceed, click “Okay”, then,

  • Click on the Apple in the top-left corner of your screen,
  • Select “System Preferences”,
  • Select “Security & Privacy” from the top row,
  • Select the General tab,
Click on “Open Anyway” towards the bottom of the window and type in your Administrator password if prompted.
  Step 5: Click Continue  
  When the Settings update application opens, click "Continue" to begin running the update.  
  Step 6: Click “OK” to finish.  

You’re done! You can now start your Teaching Textbooks from the Application icon on your desktop.